Thursday, March 16, 2006

Testing - my new blog!

Just signed up for this blog now that I've discovered I probably need to pay again to host pictures on my old diaryland blog, which is so user-unfriendly anyway. (And now I'm lamenting the time I wasted setting my blog up and going into all those troubles designing the look and everything, and now ALL my images were gone!).

So just testing and checking things out. New blog, new lease of life. There are several possibilities I would like to pursue with a blog like this, like rant about people and events, put my no-nonsense poems online (side-track: "poems" sound so weaselly and weak, and "spoken-word" so pretensious and anyway inaccurate - unless you read my stuff aloud of course, and "verse" so bland and academic..... ARRRRGH, can there be no word to describe instantaneous feelings captured in non-prose??), put my photos up and such. (although I probably will use Flickr for the last purpose and just link them in).

Anyway, have already gone off on a tangent in my very first post. But that's okay, this is my place, to offload all these thoughts in my head. Btw, I love my new nick - "Crisp Apples". Yeah, all's cool and grand. And Green :o)

p.s. Love the big write pad and text colour functions by the way, soooo user-friendly. Glad I'm finally at a blog space that cares about ease of use for its members!

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