Sunday, May 21, 2006


My Blog is driving me mad!! What happened to my font sizes??? After painstakingly fixing all the formatting for my last post which has all these Blogthings thingys, it turns out that all the rest of my blog's font sizes (with the exception of that last post and the title header) have gone completely wonky!! Arrrrrgh!! Somebody help!!

Post Script: That's okay, I fixed it. After scanning through all the [span style font-size-65% tags] which I painstakingly manually inserted to all the bottom links of each an' very Blogbloodythingys, I finally found out that it's the errant omission of ONE single [/span] tag at the very end of that long post that caused the whole trouble. Phew...

P.P.S. Obviously I had to use the square brackets above in order to prevent another bout of the same problem happening... In any case the original 65% font size tags in the last post are rendered impotent because I decided to get rid of the word Span altogether... Of course if I have more time to waste in future I could always go back to that post and fix them. For now though, I'm SICK of these html stuff!! And why oh why does Blogger NOT have that all-important UNDO button ferchrissakes?? I noticed that You COULD UNDO (by using the keyword shortcut Ctrl Z apparently). Now why don't they create that button? At the very least, they should have LISTED THAT SHORTCUT in the Shortcut list below the Posting window, instead of all these stupid commands like "Publish" where there are already bloody buttons created for them!! Arrrgh!! Somebody fire that inconsiderate jerk who've never felt the need to UNDO anything in his/her friggin' life!!



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