Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Hong Kong Writer's View on Life

I'm very lucky again to be able to read a really good piece by virtue of linking through SeeChuen's blog. This is a description by See Chuen's friend Tale regarding their visit to hear the Hong Kong novelist Wong Bik Won 黃碧雲 being interviewed back in 2004. By now I have read so much about her books that I swear I will get myself a good few of them when I go to Hong Kong (though the truth is I probably won't be there though for another few years... sigh...). I tried searching for her books on but no surprise that I couldn't find any of hers there at all...

Anyway, about the article itself, I am really touched by how Wong sees her writing and her life. In many respects I can see my own uncertainties being articulated in her words, especially about trying to flee from an unpleasant or more accurately unbearable situation. Or, to use her more positive spin on things, to flutter like a butterfly to more pleasant and greener pastures. (Much better than the jumping-from-the-frying-pan-and-into-the-fire scenario, eh?)

It's given me a little hope that perhaps I too could flutter away to somewhere much nicer than where I am now...


有人問:你的「Attempts and their failures」是在不斷推翻自己嗎?她說這是一個必要的過程。但這並不意謂著進步,因為可能最後你回到原來的位置,很宿命的。可能走了等於沒走。


---from Tale's Blog

Or perhaps I shouldn't be too proud and should pray instead for the right scenario to choose me? If so, I know I should be more open to change - more pertinently, to actually follow up on the positive changes that's been happening in my life lately, rather than keep putting things off and not keeping in touch with really nice friends and contacts out of sheer lethargy...

What's wrong with me? Don't I know that opportunities need to be grabbed with both hands??

Another thing that struck me about her answers - they've made me realise the importance of the fun of writing, the sheer use of writing as a vent for ideas and emotions. I think I have forgotten about this hugely essential function of writing in my life precisely because I have neglected my writing - both academic and personal - for so long. I have a writer's block for so long, out of sheer fear of the task ahead of me. I can at least admit it now in black and white. No wonder I have been 'hiding' myself in online forums and blogging, and the occasional poetic or novelistic outbursts. I should pull myself together and just start.

Remember what my magic 8 ball says just the day before yesterday?

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At Sun May 14, 03:04:00 a.m. IST, Blogger Rumour said...

the magic 8 ball told me to pick up a gallon of milk and I forgot, were not speaking now.

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