Sunday, July 09, 2006

Photo-journal of my recent overseas trips...

Right now I'm in the little town of Bergen, Norway on business. Today's the last day and later this afternoon I'll be flying back home. This is my first time in Norway but unfortunately my tight travelling schedule meant that I hadn't really had an opportunity to see around the town at all - I only managed to see a bit of the Bergen town centre yesterday and I didn't manage to book myself for the fjords tour in time last night! *cries*

So I'm getting up extra early today and hopefully can finish packing all my stuff and can at least go on 1 little boat tour at 10am before flying back home. (But I have sooooo much to pack - all my books and materials would be a complete nightmare to lug home again *cries*)

Anyway, below are a couple of the photos I managed to take yesterday while strolling around town with a colleague - it's very lucky for me to bump into a like-minded fellow researcher to amble around town with. Hopefully I'll be able to add to more photos on this post after today to make this a proper photo-journal. (I'm also going to upload my pictures from my trip in Vancouver back in April too as that was one AMAZING trip, especially thanks to my dear friend A!)

(Crisp Apple Photography - July 2006)

Bryggen pier near the Fish Market in Bergen, Norway. These are traditional wooden houses along the harbour front that have been standing for hundreds of years... the woods have grown soft and some of the buildings are listing on their sides but they are still well-preserved and still functioning as the facades for touristy shops.

(Crisp Apple Photography - July 2006)

The Bryygen pier houses from the inside. All these wooden floors remind me of imperial Japanese architecture almost! (Another similarity between the Norwegians and the Japanese beside the whaling culture?). It's quite romantic actually to walk around these little wooden alleyways after the rain (and it ALWAYS rains in Bergen, even more so than Dublin, and the extremely hot weather we got on our first day here really was just freak weather - we all learnt that now).

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Meme borrowed from Augustine...

01. I miss somebody right now
02. I don’t watch much TV these days
03. I love olives
04. I love sleeping
05. I own lots of books
06. I wear glasses or contact lenses

07. I love to play video games
08. I’ve tried marijuana
09. I’ve watched porn movies
10. I have been in a threesome
11. I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship (depends on your definition, though)
12. I believe honesty is usually the best policy
13. I have acne free skin
14. I like and respect Al Sharpton - *what about Al Gore?*
15. I cuss frequently
16. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year
17. I have a hobby

18. I’ve been told I: (women) have an applebottom, (men) am packing.
19. I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
20. I’m really, really smart ——-*lol*
21. I’ve never broken someone’s bones
22. I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal
23. I hate the rain
24. I’m paranoid at times
25. I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar free
26. I need money right now! ---- *but yes for my dream apartment*
27. I love sushi
28. I talk really, really fast
29. I have fresh breath in the morning
30. I have semi-long hair
31. I have lost money in Las Vegas
32. I have at least one brother and/or one sister
33. I was born in a country outside of the U.S.
34. I shave my legs (females) or face (males) on a regular basis

35. I have a twin
36. I have worn fake hair/fingernails/eyelashes in the past
37. I couldn’t survive without Caller I.D.
38. I like the way that I look
39. I have lied to a good friend in the last 6 months
40. I know how to do cornrows
41. I am usually pessimistic
42. I have a lot of mood swings

43. I think prostitution should be legalized
44. I think Britney Spears is hot
45. I have cheated on a significant other in the past
46. I have a hidden talent
47. I’m always hyper no matter how much sugar I have
48. I think that I’m popular
49. I can whistle
50. I have kissed someone of the same sex —*does my little sister count?*
51. I enjoy talking on the phone
52. I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants
53. I love to shop
54. I would rather shop than eat
55. I would classify myself as ghetto
56. I’m bourgie and have worn a sweater tied around my shoulders.
57. I’m obsessed with my Xanga or Livejournal
58. I don’t hate anyone
59. I’m a pretty good dancer
60. I don’t think Mike Tyson raped Desiree Washington
61. I’m completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother
62. I have a cell phone
63. I believe in God

64. I watch MTV on a daily basis
65. I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months
66. I love drama
67. I have never been in a real relationship before
68. I’ve rejected someone before

69. I currently have a crush on someone
70. I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life --- *I have an idea or ideas but am not so certain if I have the guts to pursue it/them...*
71. I want to have children in the future
72. I have changed a diaper before
73. I’ve called the cops on a friend before
74. I bite my nails
75. I am a member of the Tom Green fan club
76. I’m not allergic to anything
77. I have a lot to learn
78. I have dated someone at least 10 years older or younger
79. I plan on seeing Ice Cube’s newest “Friday” movie
80. I am very shy around the opposite sex sometimes
81. I’m online 24/7, even as an away message
82. I have at least 5 away messages saved
83. I have tried alcohol or drugs before --- *though this statement needs to be rephrased to say specifically "recreational drugs" as everyone would have experienced drugs even as a baby as we'd all been given jabs*
84. I have made a move on a friend’s significant other in the past
85. I own the “South Park” movie
86. I have avoided assignments at work/school to be on Xanga or Livejournal... or Blogspot or any number of online forums --- *like now*
87. When I was a kid I played “the birds and the bees” with a neighbor or chum
88. I enjoy some country music
90. I think that Pizza Hut did have/has the best pizza
91. I watch soap operas whenever I can
92. I’m obsessive, anal retentive, and often a perfectionist
93. I have used my sexuality to advance my career
94. I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all
95. I know all the words to Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story”
96. Halloween is awesome because you get free candy
97. I watch Spongebob Squarepants and I like it --- *EVERYONE loves Spongebob!*
98. I cry at least twice a week
99. I’m happy as of this moment
00. I think the Beagle is the best breed of dog
101. I am a true time waster.
102. I am a sucker for quizzes and memes.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

World Cup Quarter Finals... R.I.P.

Having won through the Round of 16 to the Quarter Finals, the drive to get into the Semi-Finals resulted in the following casualties:

My favourite team to win the tournament, unbelievably lost to Germany in the penalty shoot-out after a 1-1 draw... And then the post-match mélèe!

Not a team I like but they are next doors after all, and their heart-wrenching misery could be felt through the TV screen, from the glum faces of Beckham and Ericsson, the choking tears of Ferdinand sitting on the grass, to the speechlessness of Gary Lineker and his fellow commentators on the BBC...

My support for Argentina meant that I didn't care for Brazil at all, contrary to almost everyone else, except my little brother, who love Henry and supported France during the match (even though he has a namesake in one of the Brazilian players). At his expressed request during the second half, I cheered for France, and immediately Henry scored a goal, which turned out to be the decisive goal. If only my cheering had a similar effect on Argentina... (or perhaps that was precisely why they didn't win - not because they held back when they should have continued pressuring the Germans after their one-goal-win, or because of their incredibly feeble penalty kicks - but because I couldn't cheer for them in real time as I had to stay and work in the office while the match was on...)

(Of course, the other quarter-final casualty includes also Ukraine, but I really don't care much for either Italy or Ukraine to bother watching even the highlights at all...)

The result is that we have two most well-thought-of teams (and I do not mean England, of course) eliminated even before the semi-finals! This World Cup is getting curioser and curiouser. The actual semi-finals then will have the following boring teams going against each other:

Italy vs. Germany - I just can't get worked up about either of those teams at all at all...

Portugal vs. France - Portugal is my original "back-up" choice in the unlikely event that Argentina lost, and of course the unlikely has happened. Having eliminated Brazil though through some classy football, I am now inclined to cheer for both teams...

Go Ronaldo!! Go Henry!! May the best team win!

(I have a sneaking suspicion though that this World Cup may be a repeat of 1974 where the German team will again lift the trophy themselves on home ground... a scenario which I do NOT want to see happen in real life at all!)


Back in the office today (Monday), my long-time-South-Africa-resident-and-recent-settler-in-Ireland-with-young-family white English colleague, whose desk is next to mine, says that he's actually not too bothered about the result at all. In fact, he is thankful for the respite from all the madness. In his words, "The sooner they are out the sooner they are put out of their misery and we could all just get on with our normal life."

Hmmm. Quite.

Spoken like a true inter-cultural who don't give much of a shit about tribal sports of any kind.

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