Friday, July 20, 2007

What do I want to do FIRST with my life...

Just found some true pearls of wisdom on the net (43 things)...

Lara34 things
My mother always told me not to focus on what i want to do for the rest of my life but simply to focus on what i want to do first. It’s a lot less scary that way, and it helps make life more of a journey. If you keep that in mind, you’ll always be free in a way knowing that you can just move on to the next thing when it feels right.
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omnidoug7 things
If I’ve learned anything, it’s to not worry too much about the long haul. Life often isn’t plannable like that. Your career, your relationships, and your life in general will most likely be a long string of changes that you can’t anticipate from a distance. And that’s fine. Your long-term path will work itself out as long as you are perpetually working toward attainable, perceivable goals. Try lots of different things. Find stuff you’re interested in and that you’re good at. Make yourself useful to the workforce by creating something that the rest of the world is looking for.
Because it’s not, ultimately, about what you’re planning today. It’s about everything you’ll think and feel throughout your crazy life. I’ve changed entire career fields several times. I will probably do so again. How do I figure out what to do with my life? By leaving that question aside. You can always make up the retroactive answer for your memoirs in a few decades! For now, answer the question, what excites me today?
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My New Home...

I'm really, really proud of my new home... After years of yearning and months of nail-biting anticipation, I was finally able to realise my dream! Some important dates in this long saga:

Moved out of family home and into rented flat in mid-July, 2006
First mortgage approval obtained in October, 2006
Deposit placed on first apartment in the first week of November, 2006
Sales fell through on first apartment in February, 2006
Deposit placed on second apartment in late February, 2006
Contracts signed and exchanged on 14th March, 2007
Official move-in on 29th March, 2007

So much frustration and worry and heartache were hidden behind the above dates... but they are all water under the bridge now as I finally got what I wanted :o)

When I was very young, I dreamt of being an interior designer, and I'm so fortunate to be able to put my childhood dream into practice in my own apartment after all these years. I scoured dozens upon dozens of interiors magazines and homeware catalogues, developed Excel spreadsheets of homeware budgets and stored tens of hundreds of photos in creating my mood boards.... Oh not to mention of course being TOTALLY ADDICTED to house-hunting shows like Relocation, Relocation, A Place in the Sun and Escape into the Country; and home makeover shows like Changing Rooms, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and DIY SOS; as well as homeware shows like Flog It! and the Antique Roadshow.... My, the amount of TV I watched over the course of the last nine months is absolutely frightening considering what I should have been doing!!!

Am glad though that all those efforts have not been for nought... Friends loved my new place and I was even able to inspire one of my best friends to begin her own flat-hunting journey!


(I couldn't imagine any sane person going for blood red curtains in their living room until I've seen these with my own eyes!!! Yuck!!!! The sad thing is that the view from the windows is absolutely gorgeous as the apartment overlooks the green, so I couldn't understand why anyone would want to obscure the view with such vile net curtains!)


(Ta-da! My makeover using beautiful Laura Ashley pieces and fabrics! The coffee table actually is the same one as in the Before picture, but I re-painted it with pale ivory eggshell to fit the rest of the colour scheme... The gorgeous pot of orchids beside the telly is from my first year students; the lovely bouquet of lilies and roses in the two vases are from my second year students)
(The radiators were located in the most inconvenient of places in the open-plan living-cum-dining area, which means entire walls were being wasted....)


(An electrician friend of my parents helped me move those bulky radiators out of the way so that I was able to put in a full dresser - one of my proudest bargains obtained from a department store sale that let me house all my beloved crockery - as well as have room enough for me to install a new fireplace! This wall thus became my feature wall - home is where the hearth is, after all - and the wallpaper is from Laura Ashley, another of my serendipitous buys that worked out really well.)


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Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Back!

Hoooray! After a looonnng hiatus, I'm BACK!

So much have happened since I last posted on my last birthday...

I got a new apartment! FINALLY!! (more on this later).

Hmmmm..... Actually, that's the main thing that has happened in my life... (although that alone involved quite a bit of intricate negotiations in my personal circumstances and required quite a dose of personal faith to see it through...)

Oh well I guess the other main thing that has happened is that I've gone from 28 to the precipitously-perilous age of 29 as of my last post and am now heading for the big 3-0 (YIKES!! Why God Why???)...

Things that haven't changed:

I AM STILL in the same job in the same department.... (actually my job is going great, in fact last month my students from both classes gave me such beautiful flowers to thank me at the end of the academic year, which was really heart-warming and a huge relief as the year wasn't without its difficulties. Unfortunately it's my boss that's the problem... how prosaic is that?)

[Post amended to leave out the usual work moan and groan which may well come back to haunt me!]

And the Magic-8-ball pronouncement from last year aside, I AM ACTUALLY STILL TRYING TO FINISH MY PHD!!!!!! ARRRRRGH!!

Note to self: Just concentrate and you'll get there.

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