Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Back!

Hoooray! After a looonnng hiatus, I'm BACK!

So much have happened since I last posted on my last birthday...

I got a new apartment! FINALLY!! (more on this later).

Hmmmm..... Actually, that's the main thing that has happened in my life... (although that alone involved quite a bit of intricate negotiations in my personal circumstances and required quite a dose of personal faith to see it through...)

Oh well I guess the other main thing that has happened is that I've gone from 28 to the precipitously-perilous age of 29 as of my last post and am now heading for the big 3-0 (YIKES!! Why God Why???)...

Things that haven't changed:

I AM STILL in the same job in the same department.... (actually my job is going great, in fact last month my students from both classes gave me such beautiful flowers to thank me at the end of the academic year, which was really heart-warming and a huge relief as the year wasn't without its difficulties. Unfortunately it's my boss that's the problem... how prosaic is that?)

[Post amended to leave out the usual work moan and groan which may well come back to haunt me!]

And the Magic-8-ball pronouncement from last year aside, I AM ACTUALLY STILL TRYING TO FINISH MY PHD!!!!!! ARRRRRGH!!

Note to self: Just concentrate and you'll get there.

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At Sun Jul 22, 07:02:00 p.m. IST, Blogger laichungleung said...

For some reason I thought for the worst.
Good to know that you are actually doing pretty good.

At Thu Jul 26, 01:53:00 p.m. IST, Blogger Snowdrops said...

Thanks very much for your kind wishes Lai, I can see what you mean as it does look as if I just disappeared off the face of the earth without warning! I'm sorry I've been so bad in keeping this journal up to date... Blogging felt like a luxury I couldn't afford at a time when I'm also trying to finish my PhD, what with all the time I've wasted already on the apartment! Will definitely try better though from now on...


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