Monday, March 03, 2008

Service Temporarily Suspended... [Man, Not AGAIN!!]

This is just a quick notice to alert those few readers of this blog that I could not update it in the interim because my laptop is out of service again - this time it's to do with the power supply (where even the universal adaptor I got didn't help as it's the receiving end of the power supply within the computer itself that has gone wonky). Anyway, finally and extremely reluctantly, I do have to let my laptop go for repair in the UK which will take at least a month long (in fact, the customer service has yet to pick up my laptop by courier in spite of their promises over a week ago, those fucking bastards!!!!!!). Add to that my PhD deadlines - both writing and fieldwork - have been piling on top of me this couple of months, and whatever free time I had in the last while was sucked up by that Dublin Film Festival I wrote about (which was actually brilliant, btw, I even recorded Charlize Theron's speech at the QandA after the "Battle in Seattle" film and was looking forward to uploading it onto my blog!), so in spite of the best of my intentions (read 'addiction') I haven't been able to actually blog.... My by-now-ingrained blog addiction though meant that there had been a couple of times when I had been browsing blogs on the teensy weensy screen on my mobile, but replying or updating anything is completely out of the question... so sincere apologies to all those I haven't been able to follow up replies on either this blog or their own blogs.... Right now I'm typing from my work computer on a late evening when everyone's gone home (and I shall be heading home very very soon... it's snowing in Ireland today - in March!!!).

Hope you all have had far better luck than I do lately...

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