Thursday, September 25, 2008

Okay, I've finally succumbed...

... And bought a brand new Dell laptop!!!!

This is despite the fact that I've sworn off Dell in my not-so-long-ago-previous life when I suffered immense anguish and frustration over their stupid desktops.

But I had promised my little sister a laptop as her birthday present. And on reflection of my previous experience, I'd rather risk doing business with Dell again than give the benefit of the doubt to those b*stards* at PCWorld. After all, I did get my Dell desktop working in some way and got the problem sorted, whereas I'm STILL waiting to hear back from those f*ckers* at PCWorld to replace their faulty laptop as per their rip-off warranty.

I'm, in fact, blogging on the new laptop right now (my excuse of having it delivered to my place first is that I needed to check out and make sure everything is okay when it came out of the box before handing it to my little sis).

Oh my, I actually am LOVING this new laptop (it's the Alpine White colour - yes, am needlessly vain). The delivery came a whole 5 days early (in fact, the guy just caught me this morning just right before I headed out the door for work). And although it's Vista Home, everything is working extremely smoothly as it should be!

The wireless switched on with a little blue light like it says in the manual!
The signals were picked up immediately, and my WEP key worked on first go!
McAfee registration didn't work on first try, but got it on second try!
The new accounts for my little sis and little bro with "parental control" was set up in a jiffy!
Downloading Open Office software was an absolute breeze! It doesn't conflict with anything!

Wow, I realised I've almost forgotten what it's like to have a painless electronics shopping experience! Until now that is.

Am getting jealous all of a sudden of my little sister and now am actually itching to buy one for myself! (Even though technically-speaking I'm still being owed a brand new HP laptop from PCWorld!!)

*As I'm in the presence of my little sister's computer, I'd have to mind my language. After all, I'm no Gordon Ramsay.

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At Fri Sep 26, 12:28:00 p.m. IST, Blogger laichungleung said...

Dell is OKAY. Let me know if you need any help. Just kidding. Oh I wish your sister a happy birthday she is so lucky to have a sister like you, ha ha (Alex's coming up real soon ... he is not getting a notebook)

At Sun Sep 28, 04:34:00 p.m. IST, Blogger Snowdrops said...

Thanks for your kind offer but I do hope that we're luckier this time round with my little sis's laptop.

Happy birthday wishes to Alex too! (though he's probably too young to have a laptop anyway? Boys probably prefer outdoorsy things than a nerdy computer anyway!)


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