Saturday, October 04, 2008

Song going through Sarah Palin's head during the VP debate...

("I Have Confidence in Me" by Julie Andrews)
(Original lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II. Amended lyrics: Snowdrops)

What will this day be like, I wonder?
What will my future be, I wonder?

It could be so exciting,
To be out on the stage, to be seen...
My heart should be wildly rejoicing...

Oh... What's the matter with me?

I have always longed for attention,
To do the things I've never dared.
Now here I'm getting attention
Then why am I so scared?

Biden with years of experience...
What's so fearsome about that????

Oh I must stop these doubts, all these worries.
If I don't I just know I'll turn back.
I must dream of the things I am seeking...

I am seeking the intelligence I lack....

The intelligence to serve my country with reliance
Face my mistakes without defiance

Show them I'm ready!
And while I show them,

SO let them bring on all their questions!
I'll do better than my worst!
I have confidence they'll put me to the test
But I'll make them see I have confidence in me!

Somehow I will impress them...
I will be folksy but firm...

And all those voters - Heaven bless them - THEY WILL LOOK UP TO ME!

And mind me! With each wink I am most certain,
Everything will turn out fine!

I have confidence the world can all be mine!
They'll have to agree I have confidence in me.

I have confidence in Cheney!
I have confidence in Bush!
I have confidence that McCain will win this time!
Besides which, you see, I have confidence in ME!

Strength doesn't lie in poll numbers!
Strength doesn't lie in facts!
Strength lies instead in cheerful ignorance...
All mavericks, WAKE UP!
We're a team!

All the neocons I gave my soul to.
All their lines become my own.
I have confidence in confidence alone....

(The world groans: Oh help!)

I have confidence in confidence alone....

Besides which, you see,

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(Pity I don't have the video-editing skills to actually match the above modified song to Palin's debate clips!)

(Post edited again on 12 February 2010 to re-insert the broken video link)

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