Sunday, August 30, 2009

There is a child in my heart...

Perhaps you may not realise
but all over the world
in every big mature tree
there temporarily lives a little child
who doesn't adapt well to the world.
They listen to each others' thoughts,
finding solace in the rhythm of the others' heartbeats...

At night their singing reaches the stars in heaven.
Their voices rise and fall like angels' hymn...

* * *

There is a child in my heart.
Everytime she feels completely at odds with the world,
she would hide in a corner.

In the corner there are songs waiting for her to sing,
puzzles waiting for her to solve,
memories waiting for her to watch,
dreams like fallen leaves waiting for her to gather,
to pick up...

Here, she breathes gently, and walks at a slow pace.
The blank spaces in between musical notes become music.
In the midst of silence, in the place where it's been left unmarked,
there is a whole new beautiful world.

There is a child in my heart.
Everytime she hides in a corner,
it is only a temporary absence --
because she needs a little bit of time,
to rediscover her place in the world.


Passages translated by Snowdrops from Jimmy Liao's "How to own a corner", Locus Publishing, 2008.
Image by Snowdrops.
All rights reserved.

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