Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Beauty is a transient state...

Beauty is a transient state describing the fleeting unity between a self and her environment, between an object and its beholder.
It is a moment of mutual recognition between one soul and another, regardless of the type of mortal garb each dons.
It is both unique and in abundance. It does not seek to compete or dominate, but rejoices in quiet amplification.
For it is in the relaxed self-assurance of one's connection with the elements -- beyond artificial constraints, beyond egotistical self-regard -- that beauty is made apparent.


Pot of Calla Lillies that I had given up for dead last year and left on the balcony managed to come back to life by itself and sprouted eight beautiful blooms over the summer. All its flowers are by now gloomy dark husks of their former selves, but I shall never forget their moments of beauty, such as they are being captured here rejoicing in a light shower of summer rain.

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