Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One of the loveliest comments (and best career advice) online...

Instead of ranting about annoying blog-posts like I did at the crack of dawn this morning, which is a rather lousy way of recording (and indeed starting) the day, I would like instead to showcase some of the loveliest words I've read on the Internet for a long while:

"我相信每個人有自己的路, 其實沒有人可以指點迷津的呢 ^_^

而你不用心急, 唸你喜歡的科目就可以了, 未必一定要和將來的工作有關, 因為其實世上的所有事情也有共通的地方, 所以你從不會走錯方向的.

你慢慢會確定你期望想成為一個怎樣的人, 待你年長, 便會自然碰到氣質相同的志同道合, 去建立自己的路向和人際網絡.

努力, 加油啊 ^_^"

As the saying goes, truer words than these are ne'er spoken, and never in a manner as sincerely as this... They were addressed by a blogger to a commenter when the latter asked for some career advice. Not only did the blogger give concrete information about how she came into her current job, but she rounded off her advice with the above gentle reminder, which is one of the most heart-warming things I've read online for a good while... The blogger is very young, but she definitely has an old head on her shoulders.

I only came across her blog very recently but am looking forward to reading more of her words this year :)

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