Sunday, March 28, 2010

You go tell them bro!

Click on the image or go directly here to open it as a properly sized file. [Warning: file contains extremely foul language]

Reading the above is sweet, sweet catharsis. You cannot believe how many postgrads (yes, you read right, they are postgrads! They also have years if not decades of professional experience -- it amazes me how they could get anything done without their secretaries) STILL manage to get these basic things wrong. (Okay, not that they would use txtspk in their assignments*, but quite a number of them are still confused over the use of apostrophes and forgetting to put a bloody space AFTER commas! I mean, seriously, how hard can it be to notice these basic basic punctuation rules if you pay any attention at all when reading any sort of half-decent writing??)

I just wish I could use similarly foul language when correcting my students' papers over this kind of careless and indeed feckless mistakes. But of course I am always polite and proper (but BOY am I seething inside over having to point out their sloppy grammar yet not being allowed to sneer).

*Though perhaps in certain work environments we can't even expect this minimum level of literacy, as evident from this recent rant by a Hong Kong-based IHT journalist on her blog.

Btw**: Can anyone please tell me how can I get back past comments on my previous posts? For some bizarre reason comments made before this year have all disappeared - or more correctly, the number of old comments are still shown but the actual comments themselves have gone AWOL. I tried the Comments settings on Blogger and though it promises that the comments can always be re-shown by choosing the "show comments" option even if you hid them before, that unfortunately isn't the case here and I don't know how else to make the comments appear again. Please help.

**And yes I do realise the irony of using txtspk for the "by the way" expression in the context of my own rant above. My defence is two-fold: as an expression "by the way" is meant only as a quick lead-in to something else, and thus shortening the expression further is excusable; more importantly, at least I didn't type out the rest of my message in text-speak! (And AWOL is a well-recognised acronym as opposed to lazy txtspk per se)

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