Monday, May 31, 2010

RIP Little Villy...

Your "grandma"* (who wouldn't be so crass as to call herself your owner)
Is a very very dear friend,
Who was thrilled with your and your siblings' arrival,
In the wee hours of a Sunday morning, one chilly weekend.

'Tis the first time your mother had given birth,
A gorgeous black King Charles' Spaniel.
Your dad is of a similar pedigree,
Though his coat is a rather handsome tan.

You were one of a litter of four,
Wee little mites who were all so alike.
'Cept you had a nasty gash on top of your head, you poor thing,
And you weighed so little -- oh how we feared you wouldn't pull through.

But you did. You little trooper.
The vet did her best to fix you and bandage your head.
But you were the one who fought -- your weight just a third of your brother's.
And for that you were christened Villy, sounding like Afrikaan for strength.

Your newly-anointed "grandma" stayed home from her office,
To help nurse you with an ickle bottle designed for lil' puppies,
While your brothers and sister scrambled for your mother's breasts.
You were snugly wrapped in your own sweet little blanket.

Very tentatively, you put on weight.
Your grandma breathed a sigh of relief.
You were brought in for checks by the vet,
And she was saying how great you were doing, really.

Your pictures and videos were put on Facebook and texted,
Your grandma showing you and your siblings off with pride.
Her very first attempt at breeding,
And you were all looking bushy-tailed and bright.

I met up with your grandma on Friday,
And she was full of praise for you, Little Villy.
You had finally opened your eyes a few days prior,
And she managed to get you to feed -- just a little -- from your mother.

I was to finally make your acquaintance in person this weekend.
But sadly, you decided to go away before then...

Your grandma said, you were suddenly very weak on Saturday.
And by Sunday, you were gone -- around the same time you came...

You were a brave little soldier though, your grandma said.
She is calmer now, knowing you're happy and are no longer threatened by death...

She was grateful for your company, and that you managed
To see a little of this world, and more importantly,
You saw your siblings, your mother, and indeed your honorary "grandma"
Before you quietly took your leave.

So rest in peace Little Villy, you were truly
A ray of sunshine lent us all too briefly...

Copyright Snowdrops 2010. All rights reserved.

*My friend calls the new puppies to whom one of her pet "girls" (she has two King Charles Spaniels who are sisters) had given birth as her "grandkids".

Version cleaned up in the wee hours of Tuesday, 1st June, 2010.
Post temporarily taken down on Tuesday, 1st June, 2010. Re-posted on Wednesday, 2nd June, 2010 with very slight word changes. (Why I did this, see "Okay I just realised...").

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