Saturday, July 17, 2010


Fingernail Polish: Lilac Gloss from Urban Outfitters
Toenail Polish: Turquoise Matt from Urban Outfitters (not shown! too much of a scaredy cat after all :P)

Have not had a chance to paint my nails for ages and ages. In fact, I hardly paint my nails ever. It's one of the few pleasures of being female that I don't particularly get, in complete contrast to my mother, who sticks religiously to her appointments at her local nail bar. And so my hands have almost always been bare, with no adornments whatsoever. Doing one's nails seem like such a complete indulgence, a past-time befitting only well-to-do ladies-who-lunch who have plenty of time on their hands (literally), and thus is not something that I -- busy intellectual woman with no need for such frivolous things -- should have the time or inclination to do.

Or at least that was my reverse snobbery excuse. The truth is that my nails don't take too well to conventional pinkish nail colours (with the exception of French manicures, but then this is something I really don't have the time for, and is a strict indulgence for me only on special occasions), and I abhor anything dark, as well as anything red/orangey. Somehow these colours just make my fingers look really short, which is the last thing you'd want your nail polish to do to your hands.

But then I came across these lovely colours in Urban Outfitters and I just could. not. resist. I'm so glad I gave in to my impulse. I now finally understood where I had gone wrong before -- instead of looking at anything pinky or peachy, or any shades that reminds one of Lady MacBeth, both of which made my fingers and thus my whole hand look horrible, but in different ways; I should instead have been trying out purple-y lilac-y tones, which I had honestly never put on until now.

The actual colour of this fingernail polish is slightly more vibrant and just a smidge more purple than could be captured in the above picture, but basically I found that what suits my nails (i.e. what compliments my skin) are cool shades (bluey purple-y colours) in pastelly/light tones, rather than warm shades (pinky red colours) in jewel/dark tones. Now I'm absolutely LOVING these -- every time I type I can't help admiring my new lovely lavender nails :D

The turquoise for my toe nails was also a bold try, and I'm glad it worked out really well. I would have preferred if the shade had come in gloss rather than matt, but I'm not complaining :D Especially when I'm wearing my peep-toe sandals and am no longer ashamed of only using clear nail varnish!

And yes, I have different nail colours for my hands and feet. They are dramatically different colours but they are of the same pastelly tone, and purple and green are such lovely complimentary shades (think lavender and sage). I really like that my nails don't match but still look good together somehow. But would this be considered a serious fashion crime, on a par with white socks in black brogues? You tell me :P (I got complimented on them over here, but what do the Irish know about fashion anyway eh? Even John Rocha came from Hong Kong).

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