Saturday, July 03, 2010

Some things...

Some things in life are very small --
A glance, a murmur,
An involuntary shake.
They are often hard to discern,
Though they could somehow still be felt.

Some things in life are very big --
A war, a revolution,
A mighty call-to-arms.
These are huge events, so big
They could easily sweep us all away.

Some things in life are not so small --
A career, a home, our health, or someone,
We would call our own.
These are immense and significant,
Though only to us and our loved ones.

Some things in life are not so big --
A flower with bumblebees, a fallen twig,
A brook that burbles and teems with fish.
These are oh-so-quiet and mundane,
We hardly pay any heed, until...

They could no longer, anywhere, be seen or felt...

Copyright Snowdrops 2010. All rights reserved.

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