Friday, August 27, 2010

Throwing off baggage...

"So in addition to the socks and lipsticks, you’re going to throw out the old regrets and resentments, the resignation, the fear of failing or the fear of succeeding; you’re going to let go of the voices that remind you of your so-called limitations. You know those voices. Just when you’re feeling pretty spunky and sure of yourself – just when you’ve created a bold new vision for your life – that voice from the past says, “Not so fast, kiddo, you can’t do that! You don’t have enough time, you don’t have enough energy, you don’t have enough money, and anyway, they’ll never let you!” (p. xix)."

I sooooo need reading that right now, thanks blue!

Other bon mots from the same book that blue quoted (so this post is in essence, an excerpt of her excerpts!):

"Deciding not to decide, or deciding to decide later, is… BS. Not deciding is the number one cause of all the clutter – physical, emotional, and spiritual – in our lives. And if we can’t decide what to throw out of our clothes closets, how in the world are we going to decide what to throw out of our mental closets (p. 9)"

"For me, people who live solely on their laurels and accomplishments from the past are a yawn. I don’t want to hear how wonderful you were in high school or how you used to bicycle twenty miles a day. I want to know: What are you doing with your life today? Looking backward holds no charm for me. What’s done is done. Learn from it and move on.” (p. 102)"

"No one is dispensable. When we allow ourselves to be, we’re all vital to the positive outcome of whatever effort we involve ourselves in. Why don’t we just get it about ourselves? And for the record, other people will never get it about us until we get it about ourselves. Funny how that works. (p. 120)."

"I will not compare myself with others, nor them with me. I will appreciate myself and others for what I and they contribute (p. 123)."

-- this reminds me of a line from Desiderata: "If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself." (btw, I blogged about this prose poem a couple of years ago, describing it as "a crucial source of spiritual sustenance to me at times of need since I first came across it when I was twelve", see here)
(side track: although I don't read self-help books [for years the only book that I read that is "self-help" is Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, a book I got years and years ago; and only this month did I pick up Danny Gregory's The Creative License], and in fact generally snootily hold my nose up at self-help readers [I'm grateful to blue for helping me see how wrong that was], I am only realising myself now how much I derive "self-help" from reading poetry, including verses from prayers. No wonder my first response to the man-made tragedy in Manila was to search for poetry that might help.)

"If you spend all your energy on reliving the things that didn’t work, what you should or shouldn’t have done, should or shouldn’t have said, you’ll ve no energy for finding new ways to be fulfilled. Let that stuff go. (p. 146)"

"Waiting is a national pastime… Some of us are waiting for them to get it about us. You know, about how good we are. They should recognize us and promote us and celebrate us. They should discover us. But that’s not how it works… People don’t get it about us until we get it about ourselves. Until we step out of the stands and onto the field – even before we’re invited (p. 181)."

"It’s okay not to know. Insecurity – not knowing what the future holds for us – can be good, not bad… We weren’t meant to live tidy, predictable lives with everything neatly laid out in front of us, like all our clothes for the next week… Being comfortable… actually stunts growth… We’re always on our way; never there. it’s supposed to be an adventure. An adventure, by its very nature, is unpredictable; the outcome is unknown (p. 192)."

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At Sat Sep 11, 10:43:00 p.m. IST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Snowdrops, I haven't thanked you for the featured article so THANK YOU! All the best in whatever goals you are trying to reach this year and next!

At Fri Jan 14, 09:37:00 p.m. GMT, Blogger Snowdrops said...

Hi Blue, so sorry for my delay in replying, just saw your comment here now when I was sorting through all my past blog-posts to put on the Recommend list! Thank YOU so much actually for sharing your wonderful reading excerpts on your blog, I learnt so much and got a lot of encouragements from them (of course, I still have to learn to put a lot of the tips into practice as well, but am trying!). Keep up the good work in the new year and may the Year of the Rabbit brings you all the well-deserved opportunities and progress your heart's desired :) All the very best!


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