Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two-Toned Rose...

DSCN0161, originally uploaded by Snowdrops in Spring .

Taken with my new Nikon camera... Coolpix rather than D5000, as sadly I've yet to learn to get properly to grips with the latter, and I don't want my lovely flowers wilting before I could record their moments of beauty.

Btw this rose pot plant is meant to be just red, but this particular bloom exhibited a kind of floral albinoism. If it's not genetically generated, then it might have been because the bud was leaning against the lace curtain on the balcony when it was growing and didn't manage to get to develop as much pigmentation on some of its petals. It's still gorgeous though, and I love how the sunlight is shot through the green leaves in this pic.


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